Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why the left can't destroy Sarah Palin

In a guest submission posted this morning over at Conservatives 4 Palin, someone named D. Carson takes on a topic that has been discussed many a time over the past three years, "Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin".  Obviously, this topic still needs to be addressed, given the number of people on the other side ideologically from me* who are bent on convincing others, and possibly themselves, that Sarah Palin does not have the brains to tie her own shoes, let alone govern a nation.

D. Carson is a former liberal Democrat (who has become a Tea Party Republican) and therefore has a fairly good understanding of why so many on the left are trying to destroy Gov. Palin.  As most people know, Sarah Palin has not gone along with the wishes of these people that she simply go away.  As D. Carson says:

In my opinion, the Left has been unsuccessful to date in destroying Sarah Palin for two reasons: her charisma and authenticity. Charisma in politics is a sort of armor against attacks. No matter what the press or her enemies say about her, Sarah Palin’s base will never forsake her and millions of people will follow news of her comings and goings with endless interest whether they agree with or like her or not. There’s nothing that anyone can do about that – it’s just a part of who she is. Ronald Reagan’s charisma led him to be called the “Teflon” President. Bill Clinton’s charisma enabled him to survive the worst kind of personal scandal with his popularity largely intact. Sarah Palin’s charisma has enabled her to endure the most vicious attempt at a political character assassination that this nation has ever seen, and come out of it stronger and more popular than ever.

But even more important than charisma is authenticity. The Left depends on their ability to paint conservatives as “phony hypocrites” who don’t personally or even politically live up to their professed beliefs. Their recent mad scramble to find something (anything!) incriminating or embarrassing in the 24,000 pages of emails from Palin’s gubernatorial administration a few weeks ago shows just how desperate they are to find evidence that she is not who she says she is. But the fact is that Palin is not a “flip-flopper”, a “panderer”, or a “RINO”. She says what she believes, and believes in what she says. Her personal life and her political beliefs are in sync with each other in every way. This drives the Left crazy.

D. Carson (wow, I so wish I could use a personal pronoun here, but D. Carson has made that somewhat difficult) believes that in the next year or so, America will see the truth about Sarah Palin, that she is not "a political joke who would fade into obscurity and/or a self-interested, “media-whore” who would never sacrifice her cushy, lucrative perch for the hard work of the campaign trial."

D. Carson also goes into detail to discuss how Sarah Palin threatens the long-held paradigms of what the left stands for (which, of course, helps to the answer the why-do-they-hate-her question).  The whole post--and it is a fairly long read--is worth a look.

* We won't get into the topic of why so many on the right hate her in this entry.