Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New old meme: Palinistas are crazy idiots!!!!

How do they hate Sarah?  Let me count the ways.  Let's see, I've in the past commented on people falsely characterizing her as an extremist, insulting her daughter and her son, and, of course, calling her every possible synonym for "idiot" (and, occasionally, much worse).  We can't forget the blaming her for violence having nothing to do with her, either.

And we've even heard the "Palinistas are idiots for liking her" arguments before, sometimes (at least for me) from people once considered friends.

But now the seemingly chic thing to do online--on Twitter or wherever--is for the "Palinistas are idiots" assertion to come, not from the Obama supporters, which would be expected, but from fellow conservatives.  A lot of these such tweets swapped "idiots" for "crazy", which does not appear to be much of an improvement.  Typical of this are tweets such as the following, both of which occurred during a very quick period during which it appeared that Governor Palin had cancelled a proposed speech on Saturday:

@: Palin and her faction have reminded me more and more of high school girls. This doesn't help.


Jerry Wilson said...

Wait - you mean we're not all crazy delusional mindless zombies?

But... but... DOUG MATACONIS! Or something.

Snowed In said...

Yeah, Doug was the one person who actually did respond when I challenged him, so I'll give him credit for that.

M. Simon said...

There is a plan to Alinsky the TEA Party by making this phrase common:

I never noticed a Prohibition Amendment. Except for Alcohol.