Friday, August 12, 2011

Requiem for a Dog

The variety of meals available on South Lamar has shrunk just a little, in a disappointing and rather permanent way.  Dog Almighty, voted "Best Dog" by Austin Chronicle readers not two years ago, has closed its doors.

Or, rather, it has had its doors closed for them.

During a quick trip to Subway this afternoon, I happened to notice that the typical lights of Dog Almighty were not on.  I walked the few extra feet to have a look and discovered a note from the landlord, dated yesterday, stating that the doors were not to be unlocked except with approval of said landlord.  Thus, with a quick changing of the locks, the landlord has sent what appeared to be a fairly popular and well-loved restaurant to doggie heaven.

I, for one, will miss quite a few things about Dog Almighty, while definitely not missing others.  For instance, I will certainly not miss the incredible delays between ordering food and actually receiving it; the delays ranged anywhere from 30 to over 60 minutes (though, to be fair, the day I waited over 60 minutes was the day right after they had released a Groupon, making the lunch crowd that day far bigger than usual).  I also won't miss the incredibly small capacity of the dining area (along with the even smaller capacity of the waiting area for my 30-minute delay).  But I'll miss being able to call in my order and pick it up without that delay (if I timed it right), though Dog Almighty's new neighbor, Torchy's, has given me that option as well.  And I will definitely miss getting a Classic on wheat with tater tots, as that was the best hot dog meal I have ever gotten from a restaurant. 

So, Godspeed, Dog Almighty.  You will be missed.  And here's hoping that your suite might be filled soon with a similarly tasty establishment.