Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Why I don't trust government at pretty much any level: Part 3

Okay, I am going to state at the outset that there might be some backstory to this with which I am not familiar.  I hope that's true.  If not, this is totally ridiculous:  a mom may be breaking the law by letting her daughter ride her bicycle to school.  Really?

And it gets better from there:

Major Verran of the police department returned Ms Tryon's call.  She said he told me, "He had spoke with the District Attorney's office who advised that until the officer can speak with Child Protective Services that if I allow my daughter to ride/walk to school I will be breaking the law and treated accordingly. 

Give me a break.

Best comment I saw (caveat:  I didn't read them all):  "I think my whole childhood would now be considered illegal."